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The start of my cooking blog

One of my favorite things in life is cooking. Taking simple ingredients and putting them together in such a way that my husband and toddler smile after a meal 🙂

Check out more about why I started Fresh Family Food in my first blog post.

Clips: The new iPad

Link: Should you buy the new iPad?

Link: Best apps for the new retina iPad

To augment the Register tech reporter’s coverage, I wrote two blog posts about the new iPad.

The first was about if someone should buy the new iPad. While discussing the new iPad ahead of the announcement, most people talked about it within the scope of if they didn’t have an iPad or if they already have the 1 or 2. I thought that writing to each person could help make the new iPad features more relevant (rather than just writing to one general audience).

I also collected the best apps for the new iPad – for proud new owners looking to play and show off. Before the new iPad was available I collected apps that should sparkle in retina and make full use of the camera. Then, after my new iPad arrived, I updated with new information from a user’s perspective.

Clip: iPad 3 rumor roundup: What will it be?

Link: iPad 3 rumor roundup: What will it be?

Most tech blogs like to write about every single rumor as it stumbles across the web. As CNet and a few others did, I rounded up the rumors for anxious tech readers.

The round-up was also a good way for potential iPad buyers and sellers to think about what is most likely to be included – in case they wanted to buy or sell ahead of the Apple announcement. Also, the links throughout help readers to find out more about each specific rumor.

Clip: Tweeting the tale of a very crowded Disneyland

Link: Tweets tell the tale of teeming Disney theme parks

When the Disneyland Resort reached capacity I joined in to help out our reporting staff by collecting interesting tweets about the crowded park. The reporting was fun to do, showed the value of reporting via social networks and brought our audience’s content into our report.

Role: Blog manager

In August 2008 I was appointed as the temporary blog manager while the blog manager went on maternity leave. This role overlapped my Around Disney work by one month and my role on the Web Task Force.

My work in managing the Register’s 50+ blogs included: training and supporting existing blog staff, consulting on new blog ideas, consulting with struggling blog staff, overseeing blog technical upgrades and changes, constructed best blogging practices and training guides and managed blog audience growth.