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Clip: Anaheim officer-involved shooting

Link: Anaheim shooting: 2 cops on leave, 1 dead, 5 arrested

At 4 p.m. July 21 officers shot a man who was chased based on suspicious activity. The man’s death a few hours later sparked a small riot later that night and protests that continue days later.

I worked as a breaking news reporter the morning after the shooting and initial protest. I managed the story coverage – giving reporters out in the field information on where to go and what was happening while taking in notes and quotes and weaving one narrative.

I also managed the narrative, working to make it as easy as possible for readers to both find the latest information and to follow the story. I published 15 updates to the story during my shift, several of which were published as protesters rushed the police station lobby while the police chief updated reporters on the known events. In the story, I kept the latest information at the top and below continued updating sections on each element of the story: the officer-involved shooting, the melee and the police-community tension.

Clip: Death of an Orange County law profesor

Link: Chapman law professor dies suddenly

Link: Katherine Darmer remembered fondly

Link: Law professor’s death probed as suicide

Link: Vigil honors Chapman Law’s Katherine Darmer

I was working a weekend reporting shift when I was forwarded an email announcing the death of a beloved Chapman law school professor. I wrote an obituary about her, her work and the impact she had on others’ lives. Then, I started and continued updating a collection of memory’s about Darmer that streamed in after people read my story. Due to high reader interest in the story, I continued reporting on Darmer during the week and posted that it was probed, and later confirmed, a suicide and I posted that a vigil was planned and then followed up with photos from the vigil.

Rolling out multiple text alert streams

Link: OCRegister text alert streams

Mobile is becoming more a part of what the collective newsroom does every day.

When the OCRegister mobile app launched in April 2010, there was very little people could do but use the app and offer feedback. Today, an alerts system built into our online CMS allows more people to meet the needs of our growing mobile audience.

So far, the OCRegister offers 24 streams of news alerts on a variety of topics including breaking news, fast food, the Anaheim Ducks, wildfires and Huntington Beach.

Clip: O.C. hiker dies in Cleveland National Forest

Link: O.C. hiker dies in Cleveland National Forest

During a weekend reporting shift we started seeing reports of an Orange County man who died while rappelling down a waterfall in the Cleveland National Forest. In the first step, I reported the basic information available from the San Diego Fire and Coroner departments. Very little information was available on a weekend, as many possible relatives of the hiker were not available and the Forest Service was not available. However, I was able to use social networking to find more information (and I don’t just mean Twitter and Facebook). I searched the web for information on the hiker and was able to find his online hiker profile on The information helped tell the story of Pack’s hiking experience before we were able to talk with his family.

Clip: Tweeting the tale of a very crowded Disneyland

Link: Tweets tell the tale of teeming Disney theme parks

When the Disneyland Resort reached capacity I joined in to help out our reporting staff by collecting interesting tweets about the crowded park. The reporting was fun to do, showed the value of reporting via social networks and brought our audience’s content into our report.