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Clip: Death of an Orange County law profesor

Link: Chapman law professor dies suddenly

Link: Katherine Darmer remembered fondly

Link: Law professor’s death probed as suicide

Link: Vigil honors Chapman Law’s Katherine Darmer

I was working a weekend reporting shift when I was forwarded an email announcing the death of a beloved Chapman law school professor. I wrote an obituary about her, her work and the impact she had on others’ lives. Then, I started and continued updating a collection of memory’s about Darmer that streamed in after people read my story. Due to high reader interest in the story, I continued reporting on Darmer during the week and posted that it was probed, and later confirmed, a suicide and I posted that a vigil was planned and then followed up with photos from the vigil.

Clip: Multi-layered earthquake map

Link: Live California earthquake map

Somewhat similar to a weather map I created, I used some in-between project time to build a multi-layered earthquake map.

This is, from what I could find at the time, the only Google map that contains accurate fault locations, historical earthquake data and live-streaming recent earthquakes. To create the map I hunted down all the data, edited some layers in Google Earth, and fed in some information to Google Maps via Google Spreadsheet mapper and built the multi-layered map.

Clip: Live tweets during Obama’s Costa Mesa speech

Link: Live tweets during Obama’s Costa Mesa speech

I worked as the web reporter and editor during President Barack Obama’s visit to Orange County on March 18, 2009. I organized online content, helped with web publishing and live-tweeted on the Register’s @OCReggie account. The link above points to a wrap-up of my live tweets about the event.

Clip: WoW developer’s dad hooked on World of Warcraft

Link: WoW developer’s dad hooked on World of Warcraft

While covering technology for the Register I covered Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine and its massively-popular online game: World of Warcraft. During my time on the beat I landed a look inside the company’s never-before-seen new headquarters. During my time there I met one of the senior producers, J. Allen Brack. While interviewing him I learned that his dad plays WoW. This is a short story, but a story that tells a different story about an employee inside the company.

Clip: Lambert Ranch: Turning of the land

Link: Lambert Ranch: Turning of the land

Irvine may be a young city but its history stretches back in time. The Lambert Ranch offers a chance to look back into the land’s history. This story tells of the land’s history and the city’s future.