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Clip: Man steals table for proposal

Link: Man steals table for proposal

What will people do for love. Well, this man stole a picnic table. A daily check through the police blotter one morning revealed something strange: a stolen picnic table. And this was no small feat: the table had been unbolted and packed up. This is quite possibly my favorite story. I was given a chance to reveal a love story out of a simple line in the cop logs. Once you’ve read the story linked to check out this story revealing what happened to the table thief.

Clip: The $1 billion park

Link: The $1 billion park

The Great Park project is full of pretty pictures, captivating designers and dynamic social ideas. But money is required to make the big idea come to fruition. This story exposes financial concerns about the project and explains the array of revenue sources for the project.

Clip: Old friends succeed in touching base

Link: Old friends succeed in touching base

Along with physical ventures around Irvine I also looked for undiscovered communities and stories online. I found this story on about page 20 of a Google search for Irvine. The story illustrates a different facet of the El Toro base/future Great Park story: the children who grew up on the base.