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Clip: Disasters in O.C.

Link: Graphic

Link: In print, page 1 | page 2

Hurricane Sandy, like many natural disasters, caused people to worry about what nature could do in one’s hometown.

Artist Maxwell and I worked on this graphic together. My role included finding and shaping the map data so we could import it into ArcMap. Max then controlled the way the layers appear to make the map more reader-friendly.

Clip: Multi-layered earthquake map

Link: Live California earthquake map

Somewhat similar to a weather map I created, I used some in-between project time to build a multi-layered earthquake map.

This is, from what I could find at the time, the only Google map that contains accurate fault locations, historical earthquake data and live-streaming recent earthquakes. To create the map I hunted down all the data, edited some layers in Google Earth, and fed in some information to Google Maps via Google Spreadsheet mapper and built the multi-layered map.

Clip: Live Orange County weather map

Link: Live Orange County weather map

While working on large projects I have the time to work on special side projects. One of my favorite things to do is build interesting maps based on proven reader interest.

I used a Google Maps API tool to build this multi-layer automatically refreshing weather map for Orange County. The map is a resource for our audience looking up the weather and for Register journalists looking to find information about the current weather.