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Register’s mobile share continues to grow

The Register’s mobile share (how many of the total page views come from smartphones) continues to grow, edging towards 50 percent.

The chart, at right, shows the climb of smartphone news consumers. The large jump seen in early 2012 is because analytics were improved in our mobile app allowing us to see all user activity in the app (before that we could only see some of what people viewed during a visit)

A timeline of the mobile share for the month of July over the past few years:

  • 2008: 0.10%
  • 2009: 6.12%
  • 2010: 9.27%
  • 2011: 13.98%
  • 2012: 40.58%

Tracking the mobile share helps to understand the changing nature of our audience. Gone are the days when people just got news from one medium – be it the newspaper, radio or television.

Today’s population is getting information in all sorts of ways and our job is to deliver news how and where people want the information.

Presentation: Mobile + Media

Here’s my presentation on mobile that I gave at the ASNE Conference earlier this year in San Diego.

A description of the panel: ” Learn how to design mobile experiences for maximum impact and how to leverage new or existing tools and technologies efficiently as you enter the mobile space. Panelists will offer advice and examples of how to create mobile products with impact and what newsroom changes are needed to create successful mobile content.”

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Mobile share continues to grow

The Register mobile share continues to grow. The chart at right (click to expand) is one of many that I generate and update monthly to illustrate the past, current and projected mobile audience trends for the Register.

“Mobile share” is a figure I use to explain how much of our content is accessed by people using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The number compares total mobile page views to total digital page views (mobile + desktop website).

Notes about the Register’s mobile share:

  • OCRegister mobile share crossed the 15% mark for the first time with 15.92% in June 2011.
  • The Register crossed the 10% mark in October 2010 and the 5% mark in May 2010.