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Role: OCRegister mobile and social leader

After working on the Freedom Communications mobile team I proposed that I work as the mobile and social content leader for the Orange County Register. My plan was accepted by Register Editor Ken Brusic. The objectives for my position are as follows:

  • Lead training to increase the speed in reporting and disseminating news to audiences using social media and mobile tools and technologies – and other methods as they emerge.
  • Be the mobile and social media content champion. Train staff, engage newsroom, evaluate success and create guidelines.
  • Be the point person for news alerts and text messages, mobile applications, e-mail news alerts, and OCR Twitter accounts and Facebook.
  • Use social media as a tool for reporting and innovation in the breaking news realm.
  • Train and mentor staff on mobile tools and adapting of workflows.
  • Develop and execute strategies for mobile/social coverage of disasters and other news events.
  • Manage content planning for mobile products. Work with content teams to deliver content for new and existing mobile products.

Project: Freedom Communications mobile strategy

In November 2009 I was selected to be one of four people working on a Freedom Communications mobile team. Our team was given 90 days to develop and refine a strategy and to build an action plan on achieving that strategy. Each person was given a role on the team and I was appointed to keep the team organized and on task. In February 2010 the strategy was approved by Freedom management. My work on the mobile team led to my role as the Orange County Register mobile and social leader.

Clip: A round-up of who’s developing for the iPhone and Android

Link: A round-up of who’s developing for the iPhone and Android

Link: iPhone apps

Link: Android apps

In spring 2008 the mobile apps revolution is just starting. Sure mobile apps have been around for about a decade, but the new era of general adoption of apps is new. I was filling in for the tech reporter’s maternity leave when Apple announced it would let developers in on the iPhone. I started a blog called Mobile Moves during this time that covered just mobile applications.

Project: Mobile Moves

Link: Mobile Moves

I began covering technology in October 2007 when the Register’s technology reporter went on maternity leave. After a few months on the job, my editor Kevin Sablan and I began realizing the huge growth and future in mobile. After tossing several ideas around we settled on a crazy idea: to cover mobile applications. Mind you: this was December 2007. Apple did not allow apps to be developed for the iPhone until spring 2008. Sure mobile apps were around before the iPhone allowed them – but Apple made “apps” a regular thing. We were so early to the game that I was able to compile a list of all the apps in development at the time for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

After a few months, and when the tech reporter came back from maternity leave in early 2008, Register editors decided to end the mobile blog. I was moved over to work on sprucing up our tourism and Disney coverage.