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Clip: Santiago Fire 2007

Link: Close call: Round-up of Irvine fire coverage

During the 2007 Santiago Fire I (as an Irvine reporter) started by reporting and contributing content the first night of the fire. My main advantage was knowing key sources in Irvine who, on the first night, knew more fire information than some Orange County Fire Authority sources. I covered the fire the following three days, working 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and calling in information and e-mailing photos taken with my iPhone to editors. After the fire ended, I wrote a story for the Irvine World News that weaved together the fire for Irvine residents from my live notes.

Clip: Get your game face on

Link: Get your game face on

Irvine is usually known as a beige and bland town but stories I found in the town point to its diversity. Take this story in which I highlight a group of people who meet monthly to play board games at the Duck Club. I found the group by searching online and stumbling across the club’s website.

Clip: Lambert Ranch: Turning of the land

Link: Lambert Ranch: Turning of the land

Irvine may be a young city but its history stretches back in time. The Lambert Ranch offers a chance to look back into the land’s history. This story tells of the land’s history and the city’s future.

Clip: Ex-firefighter has his own Great Park plan

Link: Ex-firefighter has his own Great Park plan

Writing about the Great Park planning and old El Toro base demolition allowed me to meet many interesting people. People like Don Croucher. At every Great Park meeting I’d find Don. He always wore a Hawaiian shirt, sat in the same seat and took notes. I introduced myself and inquired about his interest in the park. Turned out he was an ex-firefighter who loved the history of firefighting. All he wanted was to build a fire museum in the park someday.

Clip: Man steals table for proposal

Link: Man steals table for proposal

What will people do for love. Well, this man stole a picnic table. A daily check through the police blotter one morning revealed something strange: a stolen picnic table. And this was no small feat: the table had been unbolted and packed up. This is quite possibly my favorite story. I was given a chance to reveal a love story out of a simple line in the cop logs. Once you’ve read the story linked to check out this story revealing what happened to the table thief.