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The start of my cooking blog

One of my favorite things in life is cooking. Taking simple ingredients and putting them together in such a way that my husband and toddler smile after a meal 🙂

Check out more about why I started Fresh Family Food in my first blog post.

New user content website


In the next phase of building a user-generated content environment, I launched a new version of last week.

ShareOC is built using Posterous and I feed content to the site manually by email and directly uploading on the web (for Flickr posts). So far, the website has 78 posts for 2011 shared by more than 20 people on topics including sunrises, Praying Mantis, flooding and Jacaranda trees.

The Posterous temporary solution gives us a free web tool for aggregating all user submissions and it makes it easy for staff to see and download content for use in our products.

Rolling out multiple text alert streams

Link: OCRegister text alert streams

Mobile is becoming more a part of what the collective newsroom does every day.

When the OCRegister mobile app launched in April 2010, there was very little people could do but use the app and offer feedback. Today, an alerts system built into our online CMS allows more people to meet the needs of our growing mobile audience.

So far, the OCRegister offers 24 streams of news alerts on a variety of topics including breaking news, fast food, the Anaheim Ducks, wildfires and Huntington Beach.

ShareOC concept explained

Here’s a bit more on the ShareOC project that I have brewing off to the side of my normal work. The diagram shows how the database is the main component (rather than a website) – with connections in web, tablets, mobile (smartphones), social networks and in print.

Project: Register mobile traffic share hits 10%

OCRegister mobile traffic share of Register traffic surpassed 10 percent in November 2010.

I compile the information for monthly mobile reports sent to newsroom staff, as well as marketing and advertising employees. The mobile share shows the shift of some segment of our audiences (or attraction of new audiences) to mobile products.

2010 mobile share of all digital traffic:

2.74%    January
3.67%    February
4.08%    March
3.45%    April
4.50%    May
7.64%    June
8.27%    July
9.22%    August
7.59%    September
9.55%    October
10.49%    November