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Clip: iPad 3 rumor roundup: What will it be?

Link: iPad 3 rumor roundup: What will it be?

Most tech blogs like to write about every single rumor as it stumbles across the web. As CNet and a few others did, I rounded up the rumors for anxious tech readers.

The round-up was also a good way for potential iPad buyers and sellers to think about what is most likely to be included – in case they wanted to buy or sell ahead of the Apple announcement. Also, the links throughout help readers to find out more about each specific rumor.

ShareOC concept explained

Here’s a bit more on the ShareOC project that I have brewing off to the side of my normal work. The diagram shows how the database is the main component (rather than a website) – with connections in web, tablets, mobile (smartphones), social networks and in print.

Project: Improve engagement on Twitter

Link: @OCReggie on Twitter

As part of my social work, I am working on reinvigorating the OCRegister’s main Twitter account @OCReggie.

One change is I added two new people to the account’s management crew (we now have eight). This allows for one permanent sub and for one person to be the on-call night and weekends person (alerts are sent by our newsroom editors, but this person jumps in to listen and help people during big off-hours events). The two new people lets us have more people available during disaster times (such as wildfires) and to embed social into the newsroom’s core, rather than just being managed by geeks (like myself) in the corner.

I also sent out my goals and thinking behind the account and I’m following up with staff to make sure the account is less formulaic and more engaging.

Why does OCReggie exist?

  • To learn about the community (story ideas, reader-generated content we should include in our publications, topics we should cover, sources)
  • To enrich the community (send alerts about breaking news, help people find answers, begin or join in on conversations about o.c.’s daily interesting news and information).

I’d like for us to do more of the following:

  • Listening to people
  • Talking with people
  • Finding story, source, topic and content ideas
  • Sending out relevant content – not just OCRegister staff-created content

Project: new mobile website


I took the lead on building a new OCRegister mobile website soon after the Freedom mobile project was approved.

The first version of our mobile site had these goals: be built by the Freedom IT department (rather than hosted and developed by a third-party), include multiple photos when included with stories, and add full metric tracking so we can learn how people use the site.

The new site may not be flashy, but it has solved numerous problems we experienced with the third-party mobile site and having access to full metrics has been invaluable as mobile traffic grows.

Project: Building an audience-focused newsroom

As part of improving how we engage with audiences and how we serve mobile and social audiences, I am working with newsroom management to change the workflow and expectations for reporters, photographers and editors.

The newsroom’s first large transition during my time was from print-only to web-first. The newsroom’s new movement is to be audience-focused evenly across multiple channels.

The image at left shows the workflow steps for every journalist in delivering to our many audiences (print, web, mobile and social).