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Clip: Top things on ocregister.com in 2008

Link: Top things on ocregister.com in 2008

Part of the fun of being on the Register’s web team is finding gems of interest in web analytics. I was able to share that interesting information in a wrap-up of top content for 2008. In year’s past wrap-up coverage was always editor’s picks of the top stories. My article was a chance of showing the web side of things along with some reader picks such as the top stories dugg on Digg.com.

Project: 2008 Freeway Complex Fire

Link: 2008 Freeway Complex Fire coverage

During the 2008 Freeway Complex Fire I (as part of my temporary blogstress role) I acted as a web editor, blog manager and social media contact. On the first day of the fire I relieved Amy Stevens as manager for the night. This work included assigning tasks to the web team, coordinating with David Whiting and his content planning and filling in on necessary tasks. In the following days I filled in as needed on social media management, collecting user-generated content and web editing.

Project: 2008 elections online coverage

Link: 2008 elections (posts during this project start on this linked page – click on previous posts to find more content during the project)

During the 2008 elections I (as part of my temporary role managing the Register’s 50+ blogs) worked on the elections coverage plan. I created and trained staff in how to meld together quick coverage on the Total Buzz blog and narrative CAT stories and photo slide shows. On election night I filled in on tasks as needed such as comment moderation, social media management and web editing.

Role: Member of Web Task Force

In September 2008 I applied for and was selected to be a member of the Orange County Register’s new Web Task Force. The four-person team was designed to tackle any aspects of any web-related content projects for the Register. Projects ranged from building widgets and web pages, consulting on new or struggling online sections or blogs, jumping in as web staff on breaking news events, building social media accounts and awareness and introducing innovative online ideas to the newsroom.

Role: Blog manager

In August 2008 I was appointed as the temporary blog manager while the blog manager went on maternity leave. This role overlapped my Around Disney work by one month and my role on the Web Task Force.

My work in managing the Register’s 50+ blogs included: training and supporting existing blog staff, consulting on new blog ideas, consulting with struggling blog staff, overseeing blog technical upgrades and changes, constructed best blogging practices and training guides and managed blog audience growth.