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Clip: Steve Jobs’ death

Link: O.C. remembers Steve Jobs

Link: Think Different

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just gotten home from work and was walking my beagle. I got a text from my husband who asked if I knew. “Know what?” I asked. And then he told me that Steve Jobs had died. I still couldn’t believe the news. I read through all the text messages and push notifications and emails I’d received as news alerts. I was in disbelief.

As our tech reporter worked up the main story, I worked on two Storifys as sidebars. The first one was on Orange County people reacting on Twitter to the news. The other I published the next day – a Storify of the exact words of the famous “Think Different” campaign by Apple that also speaks to Jobs’ thinking that shaped Apple and everyone who uses the company’s products.

Clip: Record crowds eat through the OC Fair

Link: Record crowds eat through the OC Fair

Link: Storify wrap-up of #OCFair tweets

In a regular story, wrapping up the last day of the Orange County Fair, I was able to use social media to add valuable information to my story.

The first big help was in finding a person to talk to about this year’s fair. Rather than going to the fair and wandering around aimlessly looking for an interesting person, I looked up the OC Fair Foursquare mayor. I asked her via Twitter if I could interview her for my story and she agreed. She turned out to be a fair employee, a bartender, who attended all but one day of this year’s fair. She’s also been to the fair every year since she was a small girl. One hour later, I had a story with great insight provided by the fair’s “mayor.”

I also used Storify to bring in some interesting details from the fair’s last two days. The tweet quotes show the human side of the fair’s final weekend – as told by its attendees.

Presentation: Mobile + Media

Here’s my presentation on mobile that I gave at the ASNE Conference earlier this year in San Diego.

A description of the panel: ” Learn how to design mobile experiences for maximum impact and how to leverage new or existing tools and technologies efficiently as you enter the mobile space. Panelists will offer advice and examples of how to create mobile products with impact and what newsroom changes are needed to create successful mobile content.”

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Mobile share continues to grow

The Register mobile share continues to grow. The chart at right (click to expand) is one of many that I generate and update monthly to illustrate the past, current and projected mobile audience trends for the Register.

“Mobile share” is a figure I use to explain how much of our content is accessed by people using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The number compares total mobile page views to total digital page views (mobile + desktop website).

Notes about the Register’s mobile share:

  • OCRegister mobile share crossed the 15% mark for the first time with 15.92% in June 2011.
  • The Register crossed the 10% mark in October 2010 and the 5% mark in May 2010.

New role: mobile leader at the OCRegister

Just over a year ago I started as the Register’s mobile and social leader. As our mobile audiences continue to grow, I’m now transferring my social role to Kevin Sablan and oversight of user-generated content to another editor. Now, I’ll be focusing on mobile. Here’s the description of my new role, written by OCRegister Editor Ken Brusic.

“Sonya Quick has done a fantastic job helping us move forward with social and mobile strategies and exploring new opportunities to engage with readers via ShareOC. Our mobile audience is growing at such a phenomenal rate – and has such great potential – that Sonya will focus her talents on our mobile site and mobile apps, while continuing to share her insights on social networks and user-generated content. The ShareOC work will migrate to the crowd sourcing team leader once that role is filled.”