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Clip: Grow baby!

Link: Your baby’s first year

A cover story guide on how babies grow from little peanuts to strutting and strapping young toddlers. This process really helped me to learn more about my own son, which was a definite plus.

Clip: A time for tradition

Link: A time for tradition

I wrote the November cover story for OC Family magazine on the subject of creating lasting, memorable family traditions.

The article opened my eyes (and informed by life as a mother) to ways of spending no money to build lasting memories important for kids and their parents.

Clip: Inspired moms

Link: Inspired moms

I was invited to write the OC Family magazine annual cover story about the top interesting picks of inspired moms in Orange County.

I really loved getting to meet and learn about each woman. I was awarded an awesome opportunity to tell each mother’s story in a way that would then inspire other moms in the county.

Clips: Monthly baby column for OC Family magazine

After writing two articles for the OC Family newspaper section, I was contracted to be a monthly columnist for the magazine. My column on the 0-2 age range began in January 2014. The columns are similar to stories – in that I find and interview appropriate sources — and are a column in the sense that I develop the editorial content and schedule.

January 2014: Keeping cherished memories (Modern ways of preserving memories of your child’s firsts)

February 2014: Food for thought (What vitamins and minerals are most important for pregnant or breastfeeding moms)

March 2014: Baby talk (The latest research and advice on nurturing your baby’s language development)

April 2014: That baby looks great on you (The how’s and why’s of baby wearing)

May 2014: Picture this, baby (A round-up of professional photographer tips on capturing the spirit of your little one best in a photo)

June 2014: Eat well, baby (A nutrition and healthy eating habits guide for babies and toddlers)

July 2014: The 411 on baby troubles (A guide on baby health problems)

August 2014: ‘Please sleep through the night’ (Information and tips on baby sleep)

September 2014: Essential decisions (When to stay at home, go to the doctor, drive to the hospital or call 911)

October 2014: Ding, ding ding! It’s time for dinner! (The importance of family dinners and how to make it happen in today’s busy families)

November 2014: Make the season bright (Helpful information for families on how to reduce stress during the holidays)

December 2014: Child’s play (A gift guide based on a tot’s developing skill set)

January 2015: New Year’s resolutions for new parents (Seven pledges for new parents so they can lead a healthier, happier life as mom or dad)

February 2015: Hoping for a miracle (Encouraging stories from families of babies born with rare illnesses)

March 2015: Leaving your child in good hands (Best practices for choosing the right care for your child)

April 2015: Early detection is key (Conditions and other things to watch for in a child’s first year)

May 2015: Beyond the baby blues (A really important story to me when I’ve had friends who have suffered from postpartum issues)

Clip: Labor of love

Link: Labor of Love

I was chosen to write the January OC Family magazine cover story. My mission: to tell the birth stories of three Orange County women. One woman gave birth in a pool in a birthing center, another in a hospital using an epidural and another in a hospital attempting a natural labor that turned into a cesarian delivery.

I loved listening to the stories of these women. Giving birth is certainly not a new practice – but still, every single delivery is a miracle. Even for the same woman each labor is unique and beautiful on its own.

In this story, I set out to not compare and contrast each different labor. I instead worked to tell each woman’s story on its own. I then included statistics and history of different labor forms and developments.