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Clip: Ring out Orange County’s 2012

EPS_yearinreview_updated_2_1_1M1BQQ9ELink: Graphic

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I first got the idea for this graphic when I saw this website that shows the average color of the New York sky, updated every 5 minutes and based on webcams.

I wondered if there would be a way to visualize Orange County’s sky over the course of, perhaps, a year. I started by searching for weather data for the year. Then I thought we could attempt to show the county’s year through data – and to weave it all together in a circle. Artist Maxwell pulled it all together visually.

Clip: Sand slipping away

EPS_San_Clemente_sand_FI_7_1_JV1BIROFLink: Graphic

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Reporter Fred Swegles brought me in to work on visualizing the San Clemente beach erosion and replenishment proposals.

The first step of reporting involved sifting through the hundreds of pages of the environmental impact report. I also found a letter written by an Army major general containing details on the project that city planners had not seen before.

Then I set to work collaborating with artist Scott Brown on deciding what details should be shown and how they should be illustrated in order to explain the beach problems.

Clip: Searching the dark

OBJ_dark_matter_2.eps_1_1_KM1BC9O0Link: Graphic

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While searching for graphic ideas I stumbled across an Associated Press article on a dark matter experiment buried under the Black Hills. The article helped the reader understand the importance of the research, but the “how” was glossed over as it would be almost impossible to explain in words.

I worked on the graphic with artist Maxwell Henderson. We sought to unravel the experiment – to explain only what was necessary while not skipping over difficult subjects.

Clip: Ethnic enclaves in L.A.

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This project started with me being assigned to research ethnic enclaves in Los Angeles. As the information I collected grew beyond a small sidebar, and as I realized there was a lack of round-ups on the matter, I worked on building a full-page graphic.

Finding information on each area was difficult, as some of the enclaves are not as organized as others. I all, I used 33 sources for the project.

Clip: Twelves

EPS_Twelve_twelves_copy._7_1_191BJIU8Link: Graphic

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As Dec. 12, 2012 neared we brainstormed if there was a way to visually represent the last repetitive date of the century. We settled on defining and illustrating interesting twelves.