Adjunct professor at Chapman University

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I taught two courses in digital media at Chapman University in fall 2015.

My students worked on various aspects of the Panther Online’s digital media content including social media, video production, blogs, infographics and design.

The semester culminated in the publishing of a series of in-depth stories as a digital magazine, my addition to the 211 and 411 classes.

The start of my cooking blog

One of my favorite things in life is cooking. Taking simple ingredients and putting them together in such a way that my husband and toddler smile after a meal 🙂

Check out more about why I started Fresh Family Food in my first blog post.

Clip: Grow baby!

Link: Your baby’s first year

A cover story guide on how babies grow from little peanuts to strutting and strapping young toddlers. This process really helped me to learn more about my own son, which was a definite plus.

Clip: A time for tradition

Link: A time for tradition

I wrote the November cover story for OC Family magazine on the subject of creating lasting, memorable family traditions.

The article opened my eyes (and informed by life as a mother) to ways of spending no money to build lasting memories important for kids and their parents.

Adjunct professor at Saddleback

Link: Announcement of Lariat iPad news app

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In September 2014 I co-taught a course at Saddleback Community College on “Interactive Media Design.”

The course was proposed to the state by my friend, Amara Aguilar, who was then department chair at Saddleback. She decided to leave for USC, so I was brought on to develop and act as lead teacher for the mobile journalism design course.

I was hired two weeks before the semester started, and in that short time I wrote the course syllabus and planned the first few weeks of course content for myself and the assistant teacher, MaryAnne Shults.

It was a whirlwind semester, especially as the course was considered a “go” with only two students, because it was such a valuable topic to the university.

In that one semester, our course introduced students to researching audiences, developing a strategy, building content for a mobile publication, designing a mobile app, submitting to the Apple App Store and marketing a product.

The iPad app was approved and published in the iTunes App Store for a few months. It is no longer published, however, due to the cost of hosting the app.