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Clip: Ron Paul World of Warcraft march

Link: Real-world politics march in World of Warcraft

Link: Ron Paul Warcraft march won’t win votes, analysts say

As part of my tech coverage I followed Irvine-based Blizzard Entertainment. Part of the fun in covering World of Warcraft is all the facets beyond just the simply day-to-day gaming. WoW is more than just a game – it is a story of tight social connections, personal ethics and real-world events – including politics. The story follows a Ron Paul march led in WoW from IronForge to StormWind.

Project: Mobile Moves

Link: Mobile Moves

I began covering technology in October 2007 when the Register’s technology reporter went on maternity leave. After a few months on the job, my editor Kevin Sablan and I began realizing the huge growth and future in mobile. After tossing several ideas around we settled on a crazy idea: to cover mobile applications. Mind you: this was December 2007. Apple did not allow apps to be developed for the iPhone until spring 2008. Sure mobile apps were around before the iPhone allowed them – but Apple made “apps” a regular thing. We were so early to the game that I was able to compile a list of all the apps in development at the time for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

After a few months, and when the tech reporter came back from maternity leave in early 2008, Register editors decided to end the mobile blog. I was moved over to work on sprucing up our tourism and Disney coverage.

Clip: iPhone to use 3G in ’08

Link: iPhone to use 3G in ’08

Plenty of tech blogs report on the latest rumors. But here I tried to explain why 3G would be a good move for Apple, the impact on the Orange County-based Broadcom and the tech environment.

Clip: iTunes ringtones playlists dance around real issue

Link: iTunes ringtones playlists dance around real issue

This is not your typical watchdog story – but a consumer story. Rather than regurgitating Apple’s press release on ringtones, I explained that it still did not meet the wants of its customers.

Clip: Santiago Fire 2007

Link: Close call: Round-up of Irvine fire coverage

During the 2007 Santiago Fire I (as an Irvine reporter) started by reporting and contributing content the first night of the fire. My main advantage was knowing key sources in Irvine who, on the first night, knew more fire information than some Orange County Fire Authority sources. I covered the fire the following three days, working 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and calling in information and e-mailing photos taken with my iPhone to editors. After the fire ended, I wrote a story for the Irvine World News that weaved together the fire for Irvine residents from my live notes.