Link: What do vegan jerky, the Spectrum Center and a marathon have in common?

I was covering Irvine when the Apple iPhone was first announced. I sat glued to my computer screen practically drooling over my keyboard. I’m a long time mobile phone user – and my first “smartphone” was an iPag in 2000. I planned six months in advance that I would wait in line – however long necessary – so I could be one of the first to get the new device. But my plan was to wait outside a store in L.A. County so my coworkers in O.C. would not stumble upon me as a story subject. But that got me thinking: maybe I should actually write about my journey for the Register. So, after I admitted my nerdy nature the Register editors cheered me on while I blogged about my 26 hour wait for the first iPhone. That writing led me to cover some tech news in my off-time and to eventually cover tech while the tech reporter was on maternity leave. The link (above) is to a wrap-up story about my first iPhone wait. The links below point to my live blogging. I’ve also included links to my coverage for the second and third iPhone releases.

Original iPhone 2007:

iPhone3G 2008:

iPhone3GS 2009: