After working on the Freedom Communications mobile team I proposed that I work as the mobile and social content leader for the Orange County Register. My plan was accepted by Register Editor Ken Brusic. The objectives for my position are as follows:

  • Lead training to increase the speed in reporting and disseminating news to audiences using social media and mobile tools and technologies – and other methods as they emerge.
  • Be the mobile and social media content champion. Train staff, engage newsroom, evaluate success and create guidelines.
  • Be the point person for news alerts and text messages, mobile applications, e-mail news alerts, and OCR Twitter accounts and Facebook.
  • Use social media as a tool for reporting and innovation in the breaking news realm.
  • Train and mentor staff on mobile tools and adapting of workflows.
  • Develop and execute strategies for mobile/social coverage of disasters and other news events.
  • Manage content planning for mobile products. Work with content teams to deliver content for new and existing mobile products.