Link: The Orange County Register’s mobile revolution

The OCRegister newsroom is about to get a whole lot more mobile.

Since the Freedom Communications mobile strategy was approved in February 2010 the company has, among other things, launched countless apps, built its own mobile websites, started adapting the content we produce so it is accessible and optimized for more devices, launched a whole series of niche news alerts, deployed a news alert system making it simple and fast to send news alerts, launched an iPad app in September (with the new version of the app launching this week) and starting to guide advertisers in how to reach these mobile audiences.

And now the newsroom is going full mobile.

About half of the newsroom employees have bought their own smartphones. But now, the other half who still use company phones will ditch their Razors for myTouch 3Gs and G2s. (Read about how we chose those specific phones.)