Link: Anaheim shooting: 2 cops on leave, 1 dead, 5 arrested

At 4 p.m. July 21 officers shot a man who was chased based on suspicious activity. The man’s death a few hours later sparked a small riot later that night and protests that continue days later.

I worked as a breaking news reporter the morning after the shooting and initial protest. I managed the story coverage – giving reporters out in the field information on where to go and what was happening while taking in notes and quotes and weaving one narrative.

I also managed the narrative, working to make it as easy as possible for readers to both find the latest information and to follow the story. I published 15 updates to the story during my shift, several of which were published as protesters rushed the police station lobby while the police chief updated reporters on the known events. In the story, I kept the latest information at the top and below continued updating sections on each element of the story: the officer-involved shooting, the melee and the police-community tension.