Link: O.C. Register Wiki

As part of my work on the Orange County communities project I was the leader of developing an Orange County wiki. The wiki is intended to add depth and context to the people, places, things and trends of the county. The content is written by the community along with Orange County Register staff.

The O.C. Register Wiki began in Irvine and is expanding to include all of Orange County. I started working on the wiki in February 2009 and the wiki launched on July 20, 2009. In November 2009 I handed the wiki reigns over to Roxanne Hack so that I could join and work on the Freedom Communications mobile team.

For this project I: developed a strategy and action plan, reviewed vendors to finally select MindTouch as the wiki vendor, created a business plan, learned DekiScript (the API language for MindTouch wikis) so that I could automate sections in the wiki, created a user engagement plan, taught and managed staff’s contributions to the wiki, managed user-engagement and management, created a site structure and design and managed up by keeping OCRegister and Freedom leaders up-to-date on the wiki progress.